In the spring of 1991, Keith Wheeler was finishing studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign while managing an advanced computer lab for U of I as well as working for IBM on weekdays. Keith was immersed in the rapidly growing world of AmtrakChampaigninformation technology.

Back home in Kendall County, Illinois, small businesses, who didn’t have anyone to turn to in order to implement these new computer and network systems for their offices, turned to Keith for assistance.

On weekends, Keith, the aspiring entrepreneur, took on these projects for businesses that were 120 miles away – only Keith didn’t have a car. Instead, he took the Amtrak train from Champaign to Chicago and then the Metra train from Chicago to Aurora. He got a ride to the location of the project and then worked for 40 straight hours to implement the network, computers and software. Remember WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Novell Netware and dot-matrix printers. Upon project completion, Keith then got a ride to the Aurora train station, took Metra to Chicago and then Amtrak to Champaign.

On those long train rides, Keith realized that small organizations will need IT support that understands and responds to their unique IT needs. It was a seed planted.

What is now Responsive Network Services LLC was born on those weekend projects and took life in August of 1991.

After growing up in and working in a small family-owned excavating contracting business, Keith understands from real-world experience how technology can level the playing field for small business. Every small business has its own vision and the Responsive team works just as hard to understand each client’s vision as it does to keep up with evolving technology. Responsive then guides small business clients to invest in the most effective technology to help that small business owner see their vision come to life.

And, more than twenty years later, Responsive is still working with that very first client, a law firm that hired Keith for the first weekend network installation project.