To my fellow small business owner,ICreate

Congratulations!  You’re the embodiment of the American Dream!

We want to you to show us the vision you have for your company’s future.  We want to understand how we can help you make IT happen.  Our success is entirely based on your success.

In 1991, I started Responsive Network Services to help businesses in the Chicagoland area take advantage of information technology so they could be more successful.  In today’s environment, the level of dependency on technology makes your company’s IT systems even more indispensable – and protecting those systems is vital to your organization’s future.

My passion is small business.  I love the small business that I am a part of and I love helping small business owners see how IT and Responsive can help them achieve their goals.

If you will take just a moment to fill out the form below, I would be happy to set up a meeting with you to hear about your vision for your company and how we can work on IT together.

Yours truly,





Keith R. Wheeler, Owner and Founder