For small business owners, managing customers, associates, projects and financials are top priorities every day.  Without the right balance, business suffers or, in the worst environments, meets its demise. There’s a shortcut to business degradation that arrives when small business IT is out of balance.  When a zero day breach occurs because no one is minding the IT environment and regular patching doesn’t happen, that can spell the end for a small business. 

Imagine a whole new level of urgency when emergency patching doesn’t get done immediately.  Why would there need to be emergency patching?  Zero day is the phrase that causes alarm.  That means there are zero days before the exploit can attack.  Zero days mean that emergency patching is required.

Patching from Microsoft often times is available within hours of zero day attacks making it into the wild.  If you aren’t paying close attention, you probably won’t get the notification which could save your organization from a dangerous, embarrassing and very expensive breach.

No one wants to contact their attorney, accountant and insurance company in response to a breach of their customer information.  Remember, Equifax’s failure to patch a web server resulted in one of the biggest and most expensive data breaches in the history of the world.

Your IT support team needs to be on top of all zero day issue responses.  If you aren’t absolutely sure that your IT is protected, contact Keith Wheeler at Responsive and we will help.