Cybercriminals are pushing the limit to get your sensitive and confidential information.

Here are the updated cybersecurity numbers that should alert every small business owner:

All of this data points to the need for a comprehensive strategy that incorporates the right support and services to improve your cyber defenses.

At Responsive, we start with a Pentagon-style approach using each side of the pentagon to focus on a critical area of defense:

01: IT Infrastructure

02: Threat Detection & Awareness

03: Threat Engagement & Destruction

04: Data Protection

05: User Training & Preparation

Each element of this approach is vital to the future of your organization. In fact, there is a substantial amount of interdependence between each of the sides. For instance, Data Protection is virtually impossible if the IT Infrastructure hasn’t been designed to centralize the organization’s critical data.

As mentioned above, Threat Detection & Awareness can be undermined by employee error or negligence. When that happens, only the most current and effective tools of Threat Engagement & Destruction have a chance of actually eliminating and mitigating the threat or exposure.

Unless a small business owner has to the time, persistence, and acumen for designing, building and maintaining the necessary defense approach, the small business needs a trusted professional to handle cybersecurity. The occasional operating system patching and occasional updating of a consumer-grade antivirus program is not sufficient to protect a real small business.

If the idea of just adding some cybersecurity insurance coverage justifies minimal effort, just wait. The new applications for many cybersecurity policies are long, detailed and thorough. In reality, the insurance application might be more thorough than the conscious efforts to date in most small business environments.

Educate yourself, your leaders and your staff about the importance of a serious cybersecurity strategy that may one day save your business. Remember, no one wakes up in the morning and expects a cyberattack. Therefore, your organization needs to be prepared everyday with a consistent and vigilant approach to ward off the coming cyberwar.

Contact your Responsive consultant and put our Small Business IT Defense program to work protecting your team.