Successful small business owners maximize their time by delegating tasks that can be accomplished either by others or by technology.  There are lots of books available to address employee management approaches.  However, this is an opportunity to see how an additional piece of relatively inexpensive technology can make a small business owner more efficient and effective. 

Today’s small business owner is oftentimes on the move working wherever the opportunity presents itself.  That means that there is a high probability that the small business owner will be working outside of the office.  Mobility is at the center of efficiency for many small business leaders.

A smartphone is the center of mobility for many folks.  A laptop gives you the chance to do real work on the road.  Those two can be quite a pair when it comes to setting up camp in a Starbucks or a Panera when connecting to the net through wifi or a cellular connection. 

Having a laptop screen with Outlook open to communicate with clients, vendors, and colleagues is certainly helpful.  But, that’s not usually the only tool that is needed to get work done.  A browser is needed for research and access to any cloud-based tools.  How about Word and Excel to prepare and calculate proposals for prospects?  What about other applications that need to be reviewed at the same time the primary application is open?

The real question becomes: how much more productive can a small business owner be when they have two screens instead of just one when they are on the road?  Adding a Microsoft Surface Go to the small business I.T. road toolkit can make a tremendous difference.  Since the Surface Go can run the same apps as your primary Windows laptop, it becomes a very light, long-battery life companion to the full-scale laptop.

Imagine using the laptop with Outlook open to respond to a client request while reviewing the latest specs and pricing on the Surface Go screen.  Consider preparing for a staff meeting while you are watching a webinar about employee morale.  Instead of having to switch between the two windows on one device, forget the screen switching and use two devices. 

The Surface Go doesn’t have to be decked out with maximum specifications if it’s just going to be used as a reference device.  It doesn’t need to handle all of the full-scale processing power of a desktop-replacement laptop.  The Surface Go is a sidekick that helps the user process their work faster. 

In the right circumstances, the Surface Go in tandem with a full-scale laptop will allow the small business leader more opportunity for creative thinking that can make a real difference for the small business owner, the small business employees, and the small business clients.  That’s a win-win-win!  All for $400 and change – a little more if the keyboard, pen, and extra storage find their way into the purchase. 

Some might argue that an iPad can serve the same function.  To a large degree, that may be true.  However, since the Surface Go uses the same software in the same format as a desktop-replacement level laptop, the user has more flexibility and consistency in how to approach the optimum arrangement of work processes and information display.